Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best? Chapter 1

The next story starter kit is a married couple with a child-age daughter whom they both desperately want to see succeed in life… but they each have different ideas about what success means and their […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 016.2

Stella has completely most of her requirements for the house and is now working on optional requirements while she awaits the birth of the next heir. One requirement remaining is to catch a Batfish. She […]

Drifting Along

Drifting Along, House 015.5

There are 18 days remaining in this house. Harper has completed everything except for reaching the top of her career although she is at level 7. She also is still waiting on the promotion that […]

2023 Challenges

Feeling Perky?

Feeling Perky? July 10-23, 2023 Rachel Hills – Club Perks – 69/97 Sabrina Hills – Fame Perks – 10/10 Tabitha Hills – Spellcaster Perks – 24/24 Total = 103 perks I really didn’t take a […]

2023 Challenges

Crowning Achievement

For the first challenge in July, the entire focus is simply on earning achievements. I pretty much sucked at this as I didn’t even try to obtain the achievements for the careers. Seeking the Crowning […]