Sophia Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Quentin Riggs
    • Mixologist
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Virgo
    • Absent-Minded / Flirty / Hydrophobic / Daredevil / Schmoozer
  • Woohoo at Home after Marriage = 4


  • Couch Potato
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Dog Person
  • Savvy Sculptor
  • Photographer’s Eye

Hidden Traits:

  • Fairy
  • Nerd

Magic Makeover



  • The next day Madelyn heads down to city hall with the family for graduation.  I actually like how they automatically take the little kids instead of leaving them home with a babysitter.  Although, this is the first time I have let them take the little ones.

  • Madelyn graduates with Highest Honor, was selected as Class Valedictorian, and voted Most Popular.

  • Madelyn’s trophies…

  • Quinn is ready to grow up, as soon as the family has time.

  • Regina comes home from graduation in a sour mood.  Everyone wants to take care of her.

  • First order of business is for Madelyn to move out.

  • Second order of business is for Quinn to become a child.

  • Benjamin waits just a little too long for a potty break.

  • Word of warning… don’t use the young again potion on a sim that has already used the age freeze potion.  Apparently it glitches them.  Juliana could not use any bed and resetsim did not work on her.  I finally used Master Controller reset sim which popped her back to the front door and changed her hair and clothes.

  • Deciding that was my cue to give her a makeover, she got new hair and new clothes.  And I just noticed it looks like it reset her boobs to A- so we will call this her boob reduction surgery…

  • Since I can see the end of the challenge, I decided she is going to have half girls and half boys.  From this point on, she will be influencing the gender of each child to achieve 13 and 13.

  • Juliana updates her baby daddy wish list… this will complete all the clusters leaving four random baby daddies (for which I have several ideas…)  She is already best/old friends with Booker and Chuck so she chats with them daily to keep their relationship high.
    • Politics [Booker Singleton]
    • Education [Benjamin Schmidt-Jones]
    • Pisces [Chuck Hobble]
    • 5-Star celebrity [Benjamin Schmidt-Jones]

  • This is Benjamin’s “I just got promoted!” face.  He is now a High School Teacher level 6.

  • Random gnome pictures again.

  • Juliana, in a rare domestic moment, gathers laundry.

  • It is Noah’s turn to grow up and move out.

  • Benjamin has finally reached celebrity level 5 so he can focus on logic once again.

  • Parker never makes the honor roll so he grows up on his own.

  •  This leaves me a little puzzled as Juliana is now pregnant with her 4th child by someone other than her husband.  Juliana and Benjamin have both received this moodlet.

  • Noah graduates with Highest Honor and he was voted Most Likely to be a Millionaire.

  • While Noah graduates Juliana stays home and takes a nap in the massaging chair.

  • King Quinn


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