Bladderstone Week 25

I have been sneaking in about 30 minutes of play time in the morning before work this week and then I get about an hour of play time after work before my husband gets home.  Since I moved the gaming back into my office/spare room on the desktop, I don’t get to play in the evening as much as I like to spend that time with my husband and I only have the laptop with me in the living room.  But this weekend he will be taking care of his mom, so I should have time to finish up the last two weeks of this challenge.  Palmer has 10 days until he becomes a young adult and that will be the end of the challenge.  I will do one last update of the remaining streamers at that time also, and I will upload anyone that I can to the gallery.

We enter week 25 on New Skill Day.  The entire family, except Brittany had made a resolution to raise a skill by a level, which they have all completed, not realizing that they would have a day just for that coming up.  So they get to do it again. Palmer starts off by leveling cooking with this platter of hot dogs.

Brantley leveled comedy.

Percy leveled cooking with franks and beans.

Octavia practiced singing.

Brittany kept practicing mixology.  Despite gaining two levels, she didn’t get credit and had an “awful” day – and she was two hours late to work.

Ripley got better at video games

Barney gets his Sunday bath.  Brittany has floating stars because she has been comforting teens over someone’s death.  I can’t even keep up with who has died these days.  The grandkids are dropping now along with the kids, and everyone is always having to deal with the sadness.

Percy then takes Barney for a long walk even though it is raining.

I almost missed Percy’s birthday today.  But I didn’t and he moved out with Barney. (and now I have to go to work)

(I am home for the weekend – woot – time for Star Trek TNG and Sims.) Brittany continues to build her mixology skill, almost reaching level 10 before she has to go to work.  It is a miracle that I notice it is time for her to go to work on time and she isn’t late, again.

This week’s projects – I just realized that the box shows what the project is – duh.  Also, the kids come home in a variety of moods: Ripley is energized, Octavia is bored, and Palmer is enraged (and crying).  And I just realized I put all three of the youngest in gray.  That is unusual as I like colorful clothes.

Temper, temper.  Octavia and Palmer were snipping and sniping at each other while working on their projects and they both ended up in time out for being mean to each other.

The boys were talking and blew off school, or most of their morning classes.  It was lunch time before they finally went to school.  I kept canceling their chat action and it kept popping back into their queue.  They were determined to chat.  Maybe they knew it was their last day at home together.

When Ripley gets home from school it is time for his birthday and time to move out.

Brittany is working on leveling more skills.  The question is now how many can she and Brantley master before Palmer becomes a young adult?  Brittany currently is at 9 while Brantley is at 7.  Surprisingly, Brantley still has not maxed handiness… I am really not sure why he hasn’t since everything breaks a lot.  Which brings us to the end of the week.  One more week, two more birthdays, two more posts.  Tomorrow.

Streamer Updates

So I just realized I can go into CAS from the manage household screen – yeah, I’m a little slow but I don’t normally play multiple households so it isn’t something I have ever done – but now I know.  I could have fixed their hair, clothes, and appearance in general…  As for the twisted branches, I am not even tracking the level of interbreeding anymore because, well, just because, I now have Bladderstones marrying and breeding with Bladderstones… 😉

Current count: (I think… some of these are duplicate counts as they show up in two places on the family tree as their mom and dad are blood relations making them both grandchildren and great or great-great grandchildren >.< so I just counted the number of pictures, not the uniqueness of sims because my head is spinning from the interbreeding…)

  • children: 24
  • grandchildren: 34
  • great-grandchildren: 40
  • great-great-grandchildren: 14

Bastian (deceased)

  • Leticia Lee (deceased)
    • Herbert Lee, married Sabrina Basu
      • Kasey Bladderstone (Wanda Bladderstone)
      • Hugh Villareal (Ayla Villareal)
    • Kristin Lee

Oliver (deceased)

  • Tyson Kim-Lewis (deceased)
    • Tyler El Karmani, married Trisha Bladderstone
    • Samir Kim-Lewis
  • Jaime Bladderstone (deceased)
    • Lucille Bladderstone
    • Quinton Bladderstone
  • Lucy Bladderstone, married to Carmelo Villareal
    • Isaias Linares

Oriana (deceased)

  • Brenda Bheeda, married Michael Weinstein
    • Ace Weinstein
    • Thalia Weinstein
    • Esteban Weinstein
    • Titus Weinstein

Leigha (deceased)

  • Irving Bladderstone, married to Catherine Munch
    • Skyler Bladderstone (apparently Skyler is a player because he fathered three babies with three different mamas during the same week)
      • Shelby Bladderstone (lives with his mother, Piper Bladderstone)
      • Sade Datta (Iris Datta)
      • Arthur Villareal (Logan Villareal)
    • Brielle Bladderstone
    • Judy Bladderstone
    • Hillary Pancakes (Irving’s daughter)
      • Gabriel Pancakes
    • Jonathon Anand (Irving’s son)
      • Alexus Huntington (Betsy’s son, lives with Betsy)
      • Trenton Goth
  • Bridgette Maeda, married Krishna Raghavan
    • Shauna Raghavan
  • Sandy Maeda, single
    • Kyla Maeda (father is Bob Villareal)

Patrick (deceased)

  • Betsy Villareal (deceased)
    • Bob Villareal, married Rose Bladderstone
      • Kyla Maeda (lives with mother, Sandy Maeda)
      • George Ishikawa (Carlie Ishikawa)
    • Karli Huntington
    • Brett Huntington
    • Alexus Huntington (father is Jonathon Anand)
  • Armani Bladderstone (deceased)
    • Angela Bladderstone
    • Riley Datta (Latoya’s child)
    • Lara Tharp (Armani’s daughter)
    • Kathy Bladderstone, married Ryker Delgato
    • Miguel Basu, married Carmen Villareal
      • Tammy Villareal (Miguel’s daughter)
      • Ainsley Basu (Miguel’s daughter)
    • Harold Behr, married Kyra Kim-Lewis
      • Shea Baldwin (Harold’s daughter)
      • Derek Bladderstone (Penny’s son, lives with Penny)

Ramsey (deceased)

  • Alejandro Bladderstone (deceased)
    • Shanice Bladderstone, married Owen Bladderstone
    • Juliana Bladderstone
    • Valentin Bladderstone
    • Breanna Bladderstone
  • Marlene Bladderstone (deceased)
    • Ratna Bladderstone
    • Andy Bladderstone

Oakley (deceased)

  • Ullal Tharp, married Clarissa Pancakes
    • Clive Villareal

Peyton (deceased)

  • Don Bladderstone, married Sai Joyson
    • Cleo Villareal
    • Norah Gaffney
    • Kailey Gaffney
    • Edison Gaffney
  • Kristopher Bladderstone, married the Count Vladislaus Straud
    • Jimmy Raghavan
    • Kellan Straud (Count’s son)
  • Yasmine Maeda

Beau (deceased – no kids)

Odessa, (deceased)

  • Lea Bladderstone, married Chase Landgraab (yes, Lea married her stepfather after Odessa died)
    • Melvin Landgraab
  • Bailey Landgraab
  • Trisha Bladderstone, married Tyler El Karmani

Orchid, (deceased)

  • Rebekah Lynx
  • Leanne Lynx
  • Darius Lynx
  • Constance Lynx
  • Jeanette Lynx

Lauren, (deceased)

  • Emmanual El Karmani
  • Hannah El Karmani

Piper, single

  • Pierre Bladderstone
  • Sarai Bladderstone
  • Shelby Bladderstone (father is Skyler Bladderstone)

Rose, married Bob Villareal

  • Taylor Bladderstone

Opal, married Tim Gaffney

  • Clay Gaffney

Penny, single

  • Derek Bladderstone (father is Harold Behr)

Brody, single

Owen, married Shanice Bladderstone

  • Ulises Conroy (Owen’s son)

Orlando, married Lizbeth Huntington

  • Leann Bladderstone

Larissa, single

Percy, single

  • Barney

Ripley, single

Octavia: living at home

Palmer: living at home


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