Shades of Blue: 1.7 – The Long Winter

Orion gets angry every time Olly walks into the room.  His way to handle it?  He practices the violin in the living room while the rest are watching a movie.  He practices badly so everyone is in a bad mood now.

Bunny needs to spar with another vampire but as a teen she can only spar with another teen.  So, since there aren’t any teen vampires available in town, she takes matters into her own hands and sires a teenage vampire.

Then, she makes him her boyfriend.  He is happy enough to accept once he gets over his surprise.

Oriel is still trying to find collectibles.  Winter sucks.

Orion brings Carlee home from school – actually everyone brings Carlee home from school.  She is pretty much the only friend any of them have outside of the family and they all ask if she can come over.  Orion asks her to help with his project and they have awkward conversations throughout.  She is a Music Lover and a Loner.  So still a possible for Orion’s wife.  Might as well since Orion hates children.

Don’t ask me why or how we have a snow angel in the house.  The house has a roof, but there she is.  In the house.  Where she stays all damn winter.

See, there is the roof.  Intact.  I checked several times from several angles.

Mortified.  I hate the teen emotions.  They scare me.

Aditya Gupta (that is his name) comes over around the time of his transformation.  Bunny invited him over and the timing was right.  He transformed about an hour after he arrived.  Yippee.  It is time to spar.  Although I did wait until it was dark, because I didn’t want them to burst into flames.

So they built up their relationship.  Bunny looks so enthused.  Aditya is a Snob and a Kleptomaniac.  They will be getting married when Bunny is allowed to move out.

Xia was not impressed with their sparring in the house and they went outside after the first match.  It looked like she sent them outside.

Spar number two…

Don walked up for spar number three and he was not impressed either.  I caught the whole thing this time.  It said “Spot Child Fighting” and he was pissed at her.  I missed it with Xia and didn’t get the pictures.  I forgot to check if they had an option to punish or scold though.

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After finishing that up, Bunny took Aditya home and they messed around a little bit and then Bunny went home.

Olly has moved away from making messes and I caught him autonomously shoveling snow.  No messes at all this update.  Color me surprised.

Orion moves into the bedroom to practice – he wants to make sure Olly can’t sleep except when he lets him.  Aren’t older brothers wonderful?  I wouldn’t know – I only have younger brothers…

Speaking of Olly, we have our last teen of the generation…  Olly adds Goofball to Loner and rolls Master Chef.  The first aspiration that requires a career to complete.  So far.

It is time to go back to Granite Falls.  Buffy still needs one more plate of beetles.  These damn beetles are driving me nuts. She takes Oriel so Oriel can collect crap.  She isn’t happy about the arrangement.  And Oriel did not dress properly at all.

A change of clothes, and time to check social media.  Buffy is starting to fume.  This is going to be a fun trip.

Yeah, well Granite Falls in winter is not the best time to collect anything.  Oriel collects all of two ore deposits before they head into the deep woods. But it sure is pretty.

Buffy manages to find some beetles and she decides to roast them before leaving this time.  Oriel goes for marshmallows instead.

Oriel finishes her marshmallows and is not so patiently waiting for Buffy to finish with the beetles so they can go home.  Other than the beetles, they have gotten nothing productive done.  The water is frozen and they can’t even fish.

Back home, finally, Oriel goes to make her collection rounds.  In a blizzard.  It takes forever to collect one ore deposit.  She falls many, many, many times.  She gives up and goes home.

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She needs to complete a collection and she decides to focus on the space prints.  So, they buy a telescope.  A splurge.  They are finally starting to get a little breathing room on the money, but it still runs out way too easy.  So far she has found 5/15 prints.  10 more unique prints and she will be done.  Finished.  Ready to move out.

Once the snowstorm passes, Buffy goes back to Granite Falls, and heads straight to find the hermit.  A quick hello, their friendship is confirmed, and they take a picture.  Then Buffy goes home.  Everything is still frozen and nothing is growing.  Winter sucks the joy out of her aspiration.

Bunny finally has sun resistance and she spends the day building a snow friend.  She is thirsty and really wanting someone to walk by…

Buffy sees an old school friend walk by and she stops him to chat – Dandre Miller.  Buffy needs to sleep in a tent for 5 nights, collect 15 insects in Granite Falls, and finish maxing herbalism.  But first she has to identify the last of the unidentified plants and for that it needs to be spring, or not winter.  But she is already thinking ahead to who she might settle down with when she moves out.

Olly sets the kitchen on fire.  More money down the drain – thanks Olly.

Bunny can’t sleep in a bed, only a coffin, but I am refusing her a coffin.  She doesn’t actually need to sleep – she doesn’t have an energy bar.  But I guess she was bored and so she napped on the couch.  She can’t actually lay down and nap though, it isn’t an option.  Since she is just killing time until she completes her days of survival, I have to find a way to keep her busy.  I am thinking she is going to start skilling.

Finally, someone walked by that she could snack on.

This is Olly’s happy face.  He just scored a Gold Dinner Party and a free Coffee Pot.  Woo!  He is stopped on his aspiration until he becomes an adult though and as the youngest it will be awhile, and he will need to stay with the household until he reaches level 8 in the culinary career.  Oh joy.

I have mentioned Bunny’s vampire powers in passing.  She is a Grand Master and has all of her powers and weaknesses.  She is almost done with her aspiration, only need to survive another 16 days as a vampire.

  • Mist Form (teleport anywhere as a cloud of mist)
  • Perfect Sun Resistance (completely immune to the sun)
  • Master of Darkness (stronger in the night time)
  • Command (controls the minds of other sims)
  • Garlic Immunity (immune to the negative effects of garlic)
  • Vampire Creation (power to turn other sims into vampires)
  • Occult Master (use less vampire energy)
    • Withered Stomach (cannot eat human food)
    • Sleep of the Undead (can only sleep in coffins)
    • Nightmarish Sleep (power gain reduced while sleeping)
    • Eternal Sadness (will get really, really, sad)

And there ends this update.  One more week of winter (I still have seasons set at 14 days).  It has only been one freaking week of winter.  Then we can start thawing out with spring and hopefully getting some of the kids completed and moved out.


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