Dewtail Genetic Roulette, Chapter 3

Dante begins working on upgrading the plumbing in the house. Things are breaking way too often.

Then, he finally is off to his first day at work. At home, Destiny realizes that the baby weight is not just coming off, so she sets up a treadmill and begins working out. Fourteen pregnancies is going to be a lot of leftover weight if she doesn’t get in the habit now. I also realize that I must not have ever fixed their outfits.

Destiny takes care of Dakota and she exercises and she paints. She enjoys this time of just having one, because it won’t last long.

They also finally get the makeovers that they should have had from the beginning.

Destiny paints on the easels since her painting is a hobby. Dante uses the sketchpad because his painting is what is supporting the family and the faster he can complete them, the more money they will have.

The second baby is on board. Thankfully it is almost time for Dakota to become a toddler.

Dakota becomes a Charmer. He has Mom’s hair (+5) and Dylan’s eyes (Gen B +25).

Dakota needs some sustenance and luckily the fridge is full of leftovers thanks to the Fancy Feast Banquet Table. For §250 the table instantly is full of five meals, which can then be placed into the fridge as leftovers. Maybe not as each meal is §50, but it is fast and saves a lot of time. Dakota doesn’t care about all of that, he is just enjoying his first solid food.

After eating he watches Dante paint. Destiny is about to introduce him to his new toddler bed.

She reads him a story and then he falls asleep. This family is not on a normal schedule, and probably never will be.

While Dakota sleeps, Destiny and Dante knock out some more paintings. Dante is just about done with his aspiration. More masterpieces!

He takes a break from painting to work on some more upgrades. He has just reached level 4 handiness so he has just done the first upgrade on each bathroom item.

Dakota is up and tracking down Destiny.

He watches her as she stuffs her face while standing at the fridge. There twelve chairs in the kitchen, she could use one of them.

While Dante and Destiny get some sleep, Dakota explores his new world. There is music!

For this challenge, the toddlers and children will be allowed to enjoy their youth. Although I just noticed that toddlers have to reach level 3 in everything. I also noticed the toilet paper next to the potty chair. That was where the toilet used to be.

There. Although now I am thinking it might be a good idea to have toilet paper next to the potty chair.

But at least the toilet paper is somewhere in the bathroom.

Dakota was willing to try to potty twice. The third time he was not.

Dante and Destiny are back in bed, sleeping. Leaving Dakota free to wander. He actually practices stacking blocks enough to reach level 2 movement.

Tired of being alone, Dakota heads into the bedroom to wake up Destiny.

He also wakes up Dante, who puts him to bed.

Dinner and a story.

So far she has lost her control once each pregnancy. Maybe they need more than one bathroom. She had to wait for Dante to finish upgrading the toilet. And she couldn’t.

Labor comes on hard. Destiny doesn’t even feel like she ate anything, although she finished off an entire plate.

Second son, Dalton, joins the family. 2/14 have been born.

Dakota sees his new brother and it just makes him sad.

He goes out to play on the slide so that he can improve his movement skill. But he is still sad.

Dante completes his aspiration. Painter Extraordinaire. He is going to switch to Fabulously Wealthy next, for the encouragement to keep painting. Fourteen kids will be expensive, they need the money.

Destiny keeps an eye on Dakota but he is just about to come back inside the house.

He needs to work a little on imagination and a lot on thinking. So, Destiny shows him some flash cards.

Dakota is still pouting about the new brother, even while listening to Destiny read him three stories. But imagination improves to level 3, so there is that.

Destiny asks him if he wants to play – she is looking for ways to improve her parenting skill. He is not cooperative.

Destiny also needs to scold one of her children five times. Dakota is the only option, and he is happy to oblige. He throws a tantrum because he is hungry.

She tried the different methods of discipline, and while he was happy to give her reasons to scold, he didn’t enjoy the process that much. She was able to get five chances to scold him.

Then she fed him and they chatted while he ate.

Dakota convinces Destiny to give him a bath and he is no longer trailing green fumes.

He only needs to work on thinking to become a Happy Toddler, so he follows Dante around and watches him.

Once he improves his thinking to level 3, Dante reads him to sleep. He is now free from the stresses of toddler training. Just in time because Dalton should become a toddler in the morning.

Destiny just thinks things are tough now. Wait until there are more babies and toddlers and children.

Charmers do not like being alone. Dakota really, really wants to talk to someone.

Like father, like son.

Dante has a longer attention span than Dakota does, so Dakota talks while Dante works.

Dakota goes over to play with the dolls, but he is still close enough to talk to Dante at the same time. Except, there is a thunderstorm and he is scared.

Dante takes a break to calm Dakota down and reassure him that the lightning won’t get him inside the house.

Dakota tries to talk to Dalton to calm him down but Dalton wants a bottle.

Destiny lets Dante know that baby #3 is on the way.

Dante is attached to the sketchpad. They need more money, and they still own §36,000 on their starting loan.

Dalton becomes a Clingy toddler. He has Mom’s hair (+5) and Mom’s eyes (+5).

Dante puts Dakota to bed and he acts like the rain is coming into the house. It isn’t, the roof is solid and in place. At least this time he didn’t run away in a panic.

Dalton begins the long process of becoming a Happy Toddler. Because he is clingy, it only takes two times of trying to potty to reach the point where he can do it by himself.

Destiny reads Dalton to sleep in his new toddler bed.

When a parent “helps with needs”, telling them to eat something results in them pulling a fruit out of the pocket. Even if they didn’t have a fruit in the pocket to begin with.

The family is growing – Dante is watching a movie and eating vegetable tempura (I have no idea what time of day it is), Destiny is reading to Dakota, and Dalton is eating a chicken dinner.

Dalton is clingy and he requires a lot of attention to keep him happy.

Dante is off upgrading the tub now, so Destiny is reading to Dalton.

…and Dakota.

Destiny goes off to take a nap and Dakota puts himself to bed also. Dante is still working on the bathroom and house in general, so Dalton is out on the slide working on movement. Once Dante is done with the tub, he reads Dalton to sleep and then lays down also. It is mid-afternoon and they are all down for the count.

Loan balance: §36,000 – §10,000 = §26,000

…slowly but surely…


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