Diamonds in the Rough: Gen 1.3

Dirk starts off this update with good uncontrollable spouse behavior.  After he breaks the toilet, he repairs it.

Then he cleans the floor.

Then he takes out the trash.

Simon sleeps until Megan wakes him up to take him to the potty.  He was close to mastering it which he does during this trip.  +5 points.

Megan has a gig scheduled and she needs to practice a romance scene, which she does twice with Dirk.

Then Simon pulls her into playing with him at the dollhouse.

She offers to read him a story which he declines politely.

He is in a cheerful mood for a few minutes so she is able to work on teaching him to communicate.

That doesn’t last long because it begins to storm again and she has to go pee, leaving him alone with his tears.

Somewhere in there Megan went to bed and then to work, and Dirk came in to check on Simon.

Then there was food.

More sleeping and Simon woke up with four energetic moodlets.  Four.  Thanks Sunny Aspect.

He went in to wake up Dirk but changed his mind and went to the potty instead.

Dirk woke up anyways and went to watch Simon.  Simon watched Dirk and his hygiene literally dropped as he stood there.  And there they stood watching each other, doing nothing.  Simon wanting to ask for a bath, and Dirk just watching him.  Finally, Dirk headed to the kitchen to make himself something to eat leaving Simon standing in a green cloud.

Simon left to go wandering.

Megan had just enough sleep to enable her to get up and make food for Simon.  After eating Simon was able to ask for a bath.  Finally.

Dirk took him to the bathroom and didn’t even get him into the bathtub – he just changed his clothes and Simon headed into the kitchen to grab a plate of food.

After Simon finished his food, Dirk tried again.

This time, Simon was actually placed into the tub.  The green stink is gone.

While Megan sleeps, Simon watches TV with Dirk.

For a strange, toddler reason – Simon stops watching cartoons and decides to ask Dirk for another bath.

He did it for the ATTENTION

More creativity was learned as Simon repainted the master bath.

Eventually a new baby joined the family – Sully Diamond.

Simon wakes up, not realizing his world has changed.  He heads into the other room to ask for some food.

As he passes the bassinet, he has to stop and take a second look.  This is not a good thing, despite the look on his face.

He is so angry, he goes back to his room and pouts on his bed.

When he finally asks for food, things get even more screwed up.  Megan puts him into the high chair and gives him peas.  Dirk takes him out before he can eat them.

Then Megan puts him back in the high chair.

Yum, peas.

Meanwhile, Megan and Dirk slip away for some fun times.

Leaving Simon alone in the high chair.  Megan even came back and cleaned up all of the dishes and then went back to bed – still leaving Simon in the high chair.

Dirk came in and made himself something to eat, again leaving Simon in the high chair.

At least Dirk sat down to talk to Simon while he ate.  But after eating Dirk went to bed with Megan and Simon was left in the high chair.

Megan got up to pee and she put Simon to bed.  Then she took a pregnancy test and it is positive – there will be third pregnancy for the generation. Oh, yippee.  Dirk looks so excited.

With no controllable sims, Simon has full reign to make all the messes today – he only makes the one but he likes it.

Megan comes home and she is able to work on his flashcards again.  He may not make top-notch toddler, but he will be a happy toddler.

The boy loves his baths.

Or maybe he just loves playing with the rubber duck.

Dirk comes home and checks his phone, and then passes out.  Thanks Dirk.  -5 points.

Megan is a gig again on a TV show.  She was pregnant for the last one, but I sent her alone, forgetting that she needed to get a gold for her aspiration.  So she is going to try again, this time I plan on going with her.  While she waits, she has been teaching Simon his skills.  But he needs a timeout to go potty.

While she waits for Simon, she runs on the treadmill – her choice, not mine.

She can’t play with him and he won’t get on the slide voluntarily, I haven’t tried to have her help him to see if it will build his movement skill yet.  So, she is teaching him to build a tower.  He is very sad and now he has both Dirk and Megan telling him how to build a tower.  He is also freezing, which makes me look to see if they have a thermostat.  They don’t.

In the confusion, Megan doesn’t make it to the toilet.  Or, I should say, she makes it TO the toilet.  She just doesn’t make it in time to USE the toilet.  -5 points.

Simon is still sad because Megan hasn’t taken the time to turn on the heater yet.

With the temperature bearable and her hygiene needs fixed, Megan is back to teaching Simon how to build a tower.  She stays long enough to get him to level 4 so he can now run.  Then she is off to eat and get ready for work.

She works hard for her gold and she does get it, even though she passes out before finishing the scenes.  She is able to recover and complete them just in time for a promotion to Supporting Actress, level 5.  She will not be taking any more gigs until the kids are all children.  -5 points

No clue who this is.  It is the eyes that caught my attention.

She comes home to Dirk standing outside and the kids inside miserable.  The daycare sucks.

Simon is starving and about to use his diaper.  Thankfully as soon as she arrives on the lot, he runs for the plate of food sitting on the table.

He is able to control his need to go until he finishes eating and then he runs for the potty.

Simon doesn’t like being the only one awake – Dirk laid down in one of the kids beds – so he goes in to wake up Megan to come play dolls with him.  Instead, she reads him a story and puts him to bed.

Then I remember that she got a notice that it is Sully’s birthday while she was on the set.  So she helps Sully age up, and Sully is silly.  He has the same hair as Simon but a different color, so he gets to keep it.

Megan gets Sully through his level of potty training, although Sully isn’t impressed with the process.

It wasn’t any fun and even playing dolls doesn’t help.

Simon comes in to play dolls but Sully has already left.

Sully goes to wake up Dirk to come play dolls with him, totally missing Simon who had gone in to play dolls.

Simon comes in to wake up Dirk, but is too late because Sully has already beaten him to the punch.

Oh look, both boys have found the dollhouse at the same time.

They are so cute, playing together but ignoring each other.  Even better is the fact that Simon just maxed Imagination. +5 for the toddler skills.

This is how sibling rivalry begins – in a race for the food.

While Megan and the boys enjoy a grand feast for Harvestfest, Dirk is late to the table.

Oh, there he is – bringing a high energy protein plate instead.

Damn! down goes Megan.  -5 points.  I am going to have to go back and count up the points for this chapter – I have lost the count along the way.  At least I have pictures of everything.

Sully is left to his own devices because Megan really needs to sleep.  So he spends the afternoon repainting the floor in the entry.

Simon plays with the blocks, and is currently my favorite, but only because no one is going to have to clean up a mess.

Sully painted for so long that he gained an entire level of imagination.  When Dirk finally checked on him, he asked to go to bed.

Dirk had a choice of three beds, and chose to put him in Simon’s bed.

Simon doesn’t care.  Today is his birthday and Megan is making him a birthday cake.

While Megan makes the cake, Simon is talking with the teddy-cat.

And then I catch Dirk giving Simon some last minute advice on which words he should and should not use when talking.

Megan carries Simon to the cake and Dirk follows along to watch.

Simon rolls vegetarian and Whiz Kid.  He joins the drama club and then heads to either take a nap or get some sleep.

Damn Harvestfest gnomes with uncontrollable sims.  Only Megan has been hope of completing all of the traditions.

Dirk and Simon bond over cartoons.  Then Megan gets up and puts Simon to bed.  Dirk takes the hint and also goes to bed.  Amazing, but everyone is in bed at a reasonable hour.

And then Megan goes into labor.  Literally moments after getting everyone into bed for the night.

And the third baby is Saxon Diamond.

Right after the new baby is born, Sully wakes up and is headed to ask Megan for a diaper change when he notices the change.  This makes him very sad.

Megan does change his diaper but that doesn’t help his mood, so she puts him back to bed.

Then Simon gets up and he is also sad about the new baby.  Well, tough patootie boys.  Welcome to the world of not being an only child.

Scoring: 30


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