One Sim, One Year: Week 2, Wednesday

This day has started off way too early. Mia is woken up again by the monster under the bed, so she decides to clean up the dirty dishes instead of finding a place to get more sleep. She will regret this.

While Mia is at school, Skye has a busy day taking care of Eli, recording videos to upload, and watching television. Of course, she also plays with toys and then leaves them laying around the house instead of putting them up.

She schedules another audition and this one is going to require some fitness skill. She has none, so it is time to get moving. She has to reach level 3 before the audition at noon on Thursday. Eli’s birthday is not scheduled until Sunday, so he still has a few more days as a burrito.

Jogging is too hard, says Skye and me. So she buys a treadmill to run on. Her logic is not mine. I just don’t run at all. Running is bad because you fall down and then things hurt. Skye isn’t any more impressed with the treadmill than she is with jogging on the street.

Mia comes home from school, does her homework, cleans up the dishes, and calls it a night. It is 6pm and she never made it to bed.

When she wakes up on the floor of the kitchen, one might think she would go to bed. But not our girl.

Of course, there are two, three problems here. One, the damned monster is back. Tonight Mia is able to make friends with it. That doesn’t mean it won’t come to wake her, just that she won’t be scared. Two, one would think that I would have bought her a night light after the monster showed up the first time. Especially, I would have bought the night light after the second time. But no, it takes three times before I have the idea to add a nightlight to her room.

Three, she house is getting dirty again but instead of cleaning up the dust bunny, she makes nice and in return it brings her a plant – a trash fruit specifically. Of course, she should be sleeping but she is still scared. Skye has been trying to get here to put her back to bed, but Eli was screaming and the toileting was overflowing. And she simply had to have another cup of coffee.

Finally, Mia is back in bed and she should have enough time to get a good sleep before school on Thursday. Skye gives Eli a diaper change and then she heads to bed, hoping she can sleep through the night, remembering at the last moment that she still needs to improve her fitness skill. In the morning, she will do that in the morning, before the audition.


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