Drifting Along, House 015.1

It is time to begin House 015, something that I wasn’t sure would ever happen. But here we are. Once again with a single sim standing on an empty lot with zero simoleons. Harper is a Lazy, Kleptomaniac, and Childish, and she has High Self-Esteem. She will be working on the Chief of Mischief aspiration and building a really nice house.

Required Goals

  • As a minimum create a 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home worth at least $100k Simoleons
    • —include a designated museum room or display case
  • Complete the Chief Of Mischief Aspiration
  • Swipe at least 15 objects
    • —display the Swiped objects in the designated museum room or display case
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

Additional Options

  • All swiped objects are from different locations
  • Achieve level 10 in one of the following Careers:
    • Criminal Career
    • Law Career
    • Acting Career
  • Achieve level 10 of the Acting Skill
  • Complete the Master Actor aspiration

Playable Sims

  • Drifter: Harper Huntington
  • Secondary Sim: {Roommate}

I am so excited to have two sims to control for this house. Now to get Harper a controllable roommate. And, just like that, Simon Stevens joins the household as Harper’s roommate. Simon is Neat, Cheerful, and a Goofball. He will be working on the Joke Star aspiration. He added §2,000 to the household funds when he joined which was quickly removed.

Simon has no skills and basic starting position while Harper has a good mix of skills but only video gaming is level 5. Everything else is level 1, 2, or 3. Harper should have gotten the Responsible trait but she didn’t get any bonus traits. I thought she had earned Responsible because that one pretty much earns itself, but I didn’t check her stats before she blew out the candles so I am not going to cheat it in. This time. But I will be watching any kids they have.

It has been awhile since I have had a sim to the career hopping at the beginning. They used to get money and career rewards, now I guess they only get career rewards. Either way, she is able to sell what she gets and build a tiny home. Sparsely furnished but it is a roof over their head and beds for both.

Of course she moved out just before Harvestfest which is good timing. They can’t make the grand meal yet, but the gnomes are dropping seed packs which are opened and then the seeds are sold.

They take turns on the computer she received as a career reward – she didn’t sell everything. She needs to raise her mischief skill and he needs to write jokes. They have also been able to buy a stove and a fridge so one of them made a grand meal.

Timing is everything. Harper has already received a call about a long lost relative and now they have another §2,500 to spend on the house.

Harvestfest ends and now they can even sell the gnomes. Mo’money.

This allows them to pickup an entertainment corner and a dining table and chairs.

A little re-arranging and the cabin is coming along nicely. This will probably be the museum once they begin building the main house.

She sells the counters she received from the culinary career and replaced them with cheaper counters.

Harper needs to have two sims dislike her. She goes all in and they now both despise her with the passion of one thousand suns.

Yep, she fought a pregnant sim and an elderly sim.

The roommates are finding their grove. But they need two computers but at the same time they work different shifts so you would think they would be better at sharing.

I don’t believe we have ever bought the cheapest vacuum but here we are. It will be interesting to see how often it breaks.

While Harper gets some sleep, Simon practices telling jokes. Quietly.

I really miss the relationship from taking photos. Oh well, they aren’t in a big hurry to get married or have children. Maybe next week.

They are moving forward though and have become boyfriend and girlfriend. They still have separate single beds for however long that lasts.

Harper heads off to make her first boost. She has mischief level 8 so everything possible is available to her. She heads to Hounds Head lot in Brindleton Bay and steals the piano from the Harris household. She has also stolen a book from Mobwives at work, but that probably won’t be a part of the museum.

Back home she and Simon spend some time flirting with each other. Simon has to work in a few hours so they just enjoy getting to know each other.

Harper needs to perform voodoo for the aspiration so she buys a voodoo doll and binds it to Simon. Then she tickles him over and over until she checks it off the list.

She has mastered mischief and completed the aspiration. TEchnically all she has remaining is to swipe at least 15 items and put them on display in the museum room on the lot. And she needs to build a house worth at least §100,000. It is just about time to bring the next generation into the family. Of course, they only have §2,000 in the bank at the moment, so making money is now the thing to do. Lots and lots of it.

I always knew about the ability to make items bigger and smaller but had never really appreciated how it could be used. Now items that are really too big at their normal size can be shrunk down to fit into a smaller space and be less obvious. This is the pile of presents…

… and this is the decoration box.

Harper heads off to scope out another house and this time brings home a stereo.

She really shouldn’t be out in the blizzard. But there she is.

When she gets home Simon proposes to her and she accepts. It is time to work on the next generation, especially as lifespans are longer now due to the addition of infants.

They are so excited but don’t have time to elope as Harper has to go to work now.

Dude has a mustache and I don’t remember giving him that. I didn’t give him a mustache – it is GROWING on its own.

They decide to elope and head off to the beach for a quickie wedding.

However since they didn’t actually reserve a room they are there just for the nuptuals and then it is back to Willow Creek where they are still in a blizzard.

But woohoo has happened and they are married and both are very happy.


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